Are you stuck in cycles of 

trauma and addiction?

Begin a fulfilling and meaningful life today!

Without help, it can be difficult  to break free from the unmanaged lifestyles that sustain and perpetuate addiction, destructive patterns, unhealthful choices, and harmful relationships.

Individual Couple


Addiction Recovery

We focus on unraveling the individualized set of beliefs that fuel triggers and perpetuate cycles within substance use disorder and sexual dependency, fostering a path toward recovery. 

Trauma Care

At the heart of our journey towards recovery and healing lies the essential task of confronting unresolved trauma. The findings from individual assessments inform the crafting of personalized program plans, guide individual therapy sessions, and shape the dynamics within group settings. 


Our clients are provided with the opportunity to attain increased independence, self-trust, reduced anxiety, and the capacity to cultivate healthier relationships.

Family Systems

At the heart of our integrated care approach lies the recognition of family as a fundamental component. We strive to heighten awareness and creatively explore the inherent value and unique contributions of each family member, fostering resilience and fostering deeper connections. 

Body Work

Attention is given to understanding how the body processes and manifests unresolved trauma, while also offering strategies to regulate emotions, alleviate anxiety, and address high-risk or self-harming behaviors. 


We prioritize focusing on "what's right with you," highlighting personal strengths and strategies to effectively enhance them. This approach fosters personal identity development and aids in safety management. 


Our clients have shown significant improvement and overall success by integrating Christ-centered faith to foster connections between body, soul, and spirit.