Sebron Tucker

Counselor & Group Leader

I first learned about Sozo when I started BSSM in 2010. My roommate and I completed the basic Sozo training together and practiced using Sozo tools on each other and our friends. I was excited to see people encounter God and experience healing.

After completing all three years of BSSM in 2013, I youth pastored for a handful of years at a church in Red Bluff. 2 years ago, I joined the Transformation Center (TC) team as both a Sozo minister and pastoral counselor. In addition to my work with the TC, I’ve led short-term mission trips for BSSM for the past eight years. I’m also currently the Sozo trainer for 2nd-year BSSM students.

My passion is to see an extraordinary God made manifest in our ordinary lives and get whatever is hindering that from happening out of the way. Though I often see a broad score of clients, my goal is always the same: make sure you see yourself like Jesus sees you, and make sure you see Jesus the way He really is.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two young children and all the adventures that entails. I enjoy reading, playing sports, and engaging in food culture (cooking, eating, pairing, tasting).